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With our Website Design Service you can turn your online presence into a marketing tool that reaches more customers. Give your business an attractive, modern, user friendly website that focuses on your bottom line. Contact us for more information.

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Responsive Design

Super Flexible

Get a website that has been designed to expand and contract; adapting to nearly any device from smartphones to desktops.

Responsive Web Design allows your customers to browse your products and services while on the go and while sitting at home on their computer.

User Experience

Better User Experience

Give your customers an enjoyable experience. Providing well written and engaging content will help convert your website visitors into customers. But, it is a well designed user experience that creates a easy and logical path for them to find content that is relevant to them.


Easier To Manage

Manage a website that only needs to be updated once. With Responsive Web Design, there is no need to have one website for mobile devices and another for desktops. Any content updates will be adaptable to nearly any screen size automatically.

User Experience


Get a mobile friendly website at an affordable price. Since a responsive website will work on both mobile devices and desktops, you’re only paying for one website instead of two. Giving you more savings to invest back into your business.


Recommended By Google

Boost your search rankings by having a responsive website. Google is on a mission to make all websites mobile friendly. That’s why it will rank responsive websites higher than those that don’t play well with smartphones or tablets. Give your business an edge in search.

What makes a Good Website?

With the right stuff, your website can sell more products and maintain sustainable growth.


The appearance of your website can play a huge role in it’s success.

Creating a beautiful website is just the first step in helping visitors relate with your brand's message and converting them into customers.

Your website needs to provide more than just content. Well designed websites that incorporate modern design elements, optimized images, and other interactive features will convert customers much more effectively than a site that was built over five years ago.

By creating a responsive and modern website with a great user experience, you are telling your visitors that you care about your business and their needs. Statistics show that 75% of online users admit that they make judgements about a company's credibility based upon their website’s design.

Creating a well designed website is just the beginning. Having a good navigation structure is also very important.


Your website's navigation can make the difference between visitors finding information quickly, or becoming frustrated and leaving your website altogether.

With many navigation styles available, let us help you decide which method works best for your brand.

Good navigation helps your visitors find content that is relevant to them. And once they find it, you’ll want to grab and keep their attention with relatable and engaging content to push towards conversion.

Quality Content

Getting visitors to your website can be easy. But, keeping their attention and interest in your products or services is essential for you to make a sale.

You’ll need to create compelling content that speaks directly to your audience. By creating a message that resonates and relates well with your website visitors, you’ll begin to build trust. Customers are much more likely to purchase from a company that they feel is respectable, offers value, and has their best interests in mind.

Once you’ve grabbed your visitor’s attention, you’ll now need to direct them in a user flow that helps complete the sale.

User Flow

Once you’ve grabbed a visitor’s attention, you’ll now want to nudge them in the right direction. In most cases you will want to create a path from the home page to an action that helps visitors buy your products and services.

Most users will scroll down a page from top to bottom. This is the most natural progression for viewing website pages. Responsive Web Design helps a user’s experience by ensuring that content is easily scrollable and easy to read. Regardless of the screen size or device being used.

When trying to sell a product or service to a potential customer. You’ll want the visual flow to be easy to follow, and free from distractions. So keeping it simple and focused on the task is very important.

Once they have reached the end of your message. It’s time to ask for the sale with a good Call to Action.

Call To Action

Your ultimate goal for your website should be conversion. You want your visitors to engage with you by signing up for your newsletters, sign-up for events, and of course buy your products and services.

A Call to action is the first and last step. It is the last step for your customer to get acquainted with your content. And the first step into committing to what you have to offer.

That’s why all Call to Actions should be compelling. They should give your customer a reason to take action by offering something of value. They must be distinct and positioned at just the right spot. Call to Actions must be simple and aided by effective content. Even smaller call to actions can be used to get your customer to the right place. And even more imperative, they should be trackable. After all, how else will you know if your call to actions are effective.

A call to action can be implemented in many different ways. An example being a large button that takes the user to a specific page or a form that a user submits right then and there. It is best to test multiple methods and see which one provides the best results.

CTI Creative Group will work with you to discover the best solutions for your needs. We’ve been designing quality websites for many years and know what it takes to get you results.

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