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top 10 reasons your website needs to be mobile friendly

Top 10 reasons your website needs to be mobile friendly

There is a lot of talk about mobile friendly websites in business circles. But knowing why you should care is important. After all, you don’t want to waste your time and hard earned money on something that doesn’t benefit you. It’s no secret that mobile devices are here to stay. Businesses need to begin embracing […]

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hero images

Hero Images: How to make them work for your website

You have noticed them already. ¬†Most modern websites have one feature in common. A large image that is displayed prominently on the homepage. Often called a hero, image banner, or some other nickname. They all serve the same important purpose for your business online. We are going to focus on why hero images are important. […]

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user persona

User Personas: Why they are important for your business

If you want your business to connect with the right type of customers online. Then creating user personas will do just that.¬† If you don’t identify who your audience is, and what they want, then you spend all your time guessing. This may leave you off-base and you’ll end up losing customers as a result. […]

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well written conent

Attract better customers with well written content

Focus on who you are writing for. It doesn’t matter what your industry or line of work. Every group has a focused target reader for every product, service, or event. Well written content will help you relate better with your online visitors. Start by creating a visual and mental picture of who you believe your […]

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wed design mistakes

7 web design mistakes that many small businesses make

As a small business owner you realize that you need to make the most out of your marketing efforts. Having a website is a vital tool to market your business. Visitors come to your website for specific reasons. You need to ensure that you are answering their questions in a short period of time. Then […]

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