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Attract better customers with well written content

Phill Myers on Oct 18, 2016

Focus on who you are writing for.

It doesn’t matter what your industry or line of work. Every group has a focused target reader for every product, service, or event. Well written content will help you relate better with your online visitors.

attract better customers with well written conentStart by creating a visual and mental picture of who you believe your ideal customers might be. How do they appear to you? Are they always on the go or are they homebodies? What style of clothing do they prefer? Where do they like to go? Do they like to network with others? What are their spending habits? what is their gender?

Build up a massive list first, but then narrow down to your ideal focus. Draw yourself a visual image of who your typical reader would be.

Dig deep into who your ideal reader might be. What makes them who they are? What problems are they experiencing, are their frequent questions that they keep asking?

Is your ideal reader and customer coming into clearer focus now?

When you can relate better with who your ideal reader is. You are then able to start developing sentences, and paragraphs around who they are. Write to a persona that you’ve created. You’ll begin to relate with them and speak in a way that evokes their emotions and heightens their senses.


Create attractive headlines.

Headlines will set the tone for all your content and a lot of thought should go into them. Try to keep them short and catchy. Headlines packed with phrases and statistics are a good way to draw a reader’s attention. Even if your writing about a mundane topic. By creating headlines that grab reader’s attention, and contain relevant content to the topic.  You have a good chance of relating well with the reader.

Focus on an optimal use of keywords.

There was a time when cramming in the most keywords possible into your content was a good thing.  It helped provide a better chance of getting your website found in a Google search.

This is no longer the case. Search engines like Google now punish websites who over stuff their websites with keywords.

Instead, focus on writing for your readers. The natural flow of your content should be what matters most. Using relevant keywords and phrases wherever they would apply. Also try using Related keywords, synonyms, or grammatical variations of particular keywords. These will also improve your search results within search engines. This also helps in breaking up the monotony of using the same keywords over and over again.


Create insightful and relatable content.

Be mindful that you aren’t creating marketing copy, or writing a high-school research paper. Your writing needs to be attractive to readers if they were to come across your content in a search engine.

attract better customers with well written conentFeel free to write in-depth and thoughtful content. Offer real insights into your subject matter. Don’t create lengthy articles just because you feel you have to write for the sake of writing. But because you have information and should share your wisdom with your target audience.

You should always conduct in depth research and get as much relevant information possible. It not only helps to build yourself as being a creditable expert. It also makes your content more believable when you reference other creditable sources. Knowledgeable and interesting articles will get shared more often.

Keep it short and easy to read.

Always try to say less than necessary. The simpler you keep things, the more compelling your content will be.

It’s definitely easier said than done. I am often guilty of being too verbose and can ramble in my writing at times. But, your aim should be to perfect the idea of less is more in your writing. The language itself might be complicated. But your goal needs to turn technicality into simplicity. One tool I use when writing is the Hemingway App.  It is an online tool that provides a lot of insight into my writing. And points out when I’m being too verbose, or misusing words.

Presenting explanations and information is best when it is simple. The more time it takes for them to read the information in your message. Then it is less likely you are going to keep their attention or persuade them of your point.

To be a great copy writer for your website. Focus on the benefits of your readers and you will be much more likely to turn them into loyal customers.

The best way to focus on the benefits is by looking at your products and services. Do they have good features and strengths?

Although, keep in mind that you are your products best advocate. You most likely feel the features are important, they are not always so to your reader.

All the reader wants to know is how this is going to benefit them.


Add some personality.

attract better customers with well written conentBy adding charisma to your writing, it enhances the level of your copy writing for your website or blog.

Try to always connect and relate with people first, and focus on your business second. A great way to let your business personality shine is to be charismatic, and transparent.

That alone is a great conversation starter and will put your audience more at ease. This helps attract more ideal customers. Nobody wants service from a dull server in a restaurant. We appreciate and remember the outgoing and friendly ones who have a great personality. You will get a lot further with your readers when you take this approach. It’s only human nature to want to be around warm and friendly people.



Great content and awesome copy writers are not created by magic. It’s a skill that takes lots of practice, but doing so will help bring out the best in your business. Understanding your readers and target audience is a good start. It helps with the conversion process into gaining great and loyal customers.

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